2016 in My Bookshelf

Hello everyone!

Happy holidays for all of you who are celebrating them;

As 2017 approaches, I found myself pondering some of the things I did in 2016.

One of which is the Goodreads book challenge.

I set mine at 20 books (expecting the busy schedule of my PhD program), and ended with 27/20 books read. Not bad, but very lazy if compared to my 57/50 books read in 2015.


Maybe I’ll get to read more books in 2017 🙂

Among those books, some took a few hours, and some days. Some were a fun surprise and some a bit on the long and slow side, with interesting endings and plot.

Here are my 2016’s favorite reads:

  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (My rating 4/5): I put this on the to-read list for a loooooooooong time. I was worried it wouldn’t be as great as everyone claimed it was. I was, however, pleasantly surprised that it was. Despite the old writing, and long journey, the deceptive simplicity of the story captured my heart from beginning to end. Much like any other hopeless romantic, I continued to root for Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett till the very last page :). 1885
  • The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde (My rating 5/5): Now on my favorite books ever, this play was fun and funny and meaningful and all that they say about Mr. Wilde. The movie wasn’t bad either 😉92303
  • The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (My rating 5/5): The problem with some great books is that they break your heart, and you love them for it :(. The little prince is without doubt one of those. Added to my all-time favorites without hesitation. I also liked the animated movie, and found it to be far less heart-wrenching 🙂157993
  • The Girl with all the Gifts by M.R. Carey (My rating 5/5): It meant something. Something important and it said it in a lovely and page-turning way. I wish we were all like Melanie, defiant of our own inner darkness and reliant instead on the love and compassion of our inner light. A long read, but a worthy one. I can hardly wait to see the movie.17235026
  • Winter by Marissa Meyer (My rating 4/5 stars): The long awaited ending to my all-time favorite series was a joyful if long ride. One would argue it wasn’t as magnificent as the first books, but it was just as imaginative and interesting.13206900

Discover: A letter to the Past

Dear Past;

In the years it took me to stop crying and set out to write,the world has changed around me.

The places we used to go, the things we used to do.

All our memories have been stolen, by time, or by me, I do not know.

But now, I sit with the last of my breaths, my last chance at a survival I seem unable to shake.

My hands on the keyboard, the words stuck in my throat, perhaps when this story is over, I should have discovered, exactly what it was, what it is about you that makes this feeling so overwhelming, obsessive, and deadly.




A List of Maddening Things

One, the drip drip of water in the kitchen sink;

Two, the acidic smell of nail polish coming from my roommate’s side of the room

Three, the early chatter of the girls next door, how do people wake up with all those words?

Four, the annoying music blaring from the balcony two apartments to the left, not everyone like the kind of music you do!

Five, the endless questions of what’s right and wrong when Right is obvious, and Wrong is all those dying and starving in the countries right across the borders;

Six, the maybes and regrets of the past, all the what ifs, and only ifs, as though we’re all dead and tomorrow isn’t only a day away;

Seven, the words, empty and ice-cold of pity and ‘you poor thing’, of ‘I feel so sorry for them’, that come from anything but emotion. If you cared, why don’t you help? Bake the widower some food, hand the homeless man a coat, buy the little kid a book or a pair of new shoes!

Eight, all the TV news, and the Internet’s latest debates. Why is there so much blood and death? Is that all the world has become?

Nine, Worst of all, all the death and the blood in the world; it seems as though that is all the world has become…

Ten, me writing a list of maddening things and not doing a thing about any of them.



Missing the Moment

We are one of, if not the most, surveilled generation in human history thus far.

And it’s not just the government’s and private sector’s installed security cameras, and eavesdroppers’ under-the-table hacks.

We are in fact providing this surveillance free of charge, and sometimes wisdom, on our own accord.

We share everything, every single day, sometimes every single hour of the day.

Pictures and posts tagged with our and others’ names and details. It seems like the social media dimension has it all, knows it all.

But what I’m about to talk about isn’t about privacy or the loss of it, or the need for it.

What I want to talk about is a fear many seem unable to grasp, a threat no one is really wary of.

I want you to think about not all that we are sharing, all that the world seems to know.

I want you, us, as a whole, to think instead, about all the things we are missing.

I fear that in our search to connect online, through this digital time and space traveling medium, we are missing something essential. Something crucial in the human experience.

We may be spending hours chatting with distant family and friends. We are, however, preoccupied most of the time from those in front of us.

When we are out on a special day, an adventure, a visit to some landmark or even a normal day at a local coffee-shop. All we seem to be doing is taking pictures, selfies, telling all those who aren’t there with us where we are and what we’re doing.  Following what they are too sharing. In the process, we are missing the moment.

Missing the old fashioned smell of coffee or tea, the simple pleasure of a conversation, one on one, face to face with those around us.

I fear we are all, more each day, missing the chance to actually live. Deferring by consequence to second-hand living. Instead of being actors in our own lives, we become an audience like all those watching our social media feed.

Can’t we all be like this old lady, and stop missing the show?


Disconnect for a moment, and enjoy the moment.

With love;


Images found via Google Images.

The NaNoWriMo Chronicles: Winner!

Man that was hard!

Hello people, fellow Wrimos everywhere.

It’s the day before last, and I just hit the long awaited for 50K 🙂

There were many days this month I was worried I might have to accept that this year November had just came at the wrong time. That the writing just came so hard.

But as hard as NaNo this year had come, I and many courageous winner and participant novelists, had manged to do it. I finished my poor, most terrible thing I ever wrote, of a novel and I have a long hard path before me, to make into something readable.

I really hope to revise this one and get to open the file some day next year and find a finished story before my eyes.

What about you? How are you feeling at these last moments of NaNo?

The NaNoWriMo Chronicles: 40K!

Hi guys;

Another slow day at the lab, probably the silence before the storm, so I took advantage and managed some 4K.

This way I am a couple of days ahead at 41K 🙂

I feel like I’ve written too much monologue. I certainly will have to fix that in the revisions, maybe stop sending the MC towards the climax of the story as a lone wolf.

Anyway, I think things are coming along for the near ending, hopefully I will get my much coveted 4th NaNo win after all.

Don’t tell my supervisor that I’ve written no thesis words these two weeks though :p

What about you?

Ahead, behind?