Not another Plot Twist

So; does everyone have a plan?

You know, did you set your yearly goals and are on track to getting things done?

Maybe like me, you’ve made yourself a couple of deadlines.

Then, one meeting, one loooooong conversation about unexpected results and bang it hits you, straight to the face: Nope, all wrong, redo 😛

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, then let me remind you.

One day you woke up and you were going to have cereals with milk.

You go to the fridge, and guess what, the milk has decided to spoil.

How about that lovely piece of clothing that you got for that important interview/date?

A hot cup of coffee can do that to things.

plotI’m talking about the small, and big, as well as obscenely huge, life plot twists.

Those events that strike you on the head, send you off balance  and make you confused.

Happy moments ruined by terrible news, and terrible days fixed with simple words of advice from a stranger, no less.

I want us to take a moment off our large and determined plans, recall those good and bad plot twists and smile.

plot-twist_quoteNo matter how awful those moments had been, we would not be who we are today if not for them.

They made us stronger, closer to the people we love, more importantly, made us more appreciative to what we have and might at any moment loose.

So, imagine your world an epic movie or book. The plot twist is what makes it interesting, brilliant even.

Thread on, plans must change, as does the world.

Face off with the plot twists, it’s worth it.

With love;


(Images found via Google Images, all credit goes to their rightful owners)


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