Goodbye 2016: A Year to Remember

Somehow, for some reason, we’ve made it through another year.

It’s kind of scary how fast time goes by. One moment you’re thinking of the new year’s goals, and the next you’re wondering ‘What was I doing for 12 months?’.

2016 had not been an easy year, and I don’t expect 2017 to be any easier. The world isn’t meant to become easier as we grow older and more experienced. It grows harder to challenge us, and we must either raise up to the challenge, learn and cope, or give up and fall into despair.

So looking back on the year, I’ve hit some rough patches here and there, so had the world. But we’ve made it, some of us unscathed, and some bruised and bloody.

Today, however, let’s not think about those hard times. Let’s think about the fact we’re over them and that tomorrow is another year, another day and another challenge, and remember:

If you’re going through hell, KEEP GOING!

— Winston Churchill.

Love, and peace;



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