Happy new year!!

I was thinking, quotes


Hello people!!

Sorry about taking so long, but here I am :)

Happy new year, and I wish you to have the most pleasant, happy, and dramatic 2015.

It sure been a long year for me, 2014 was full of surprises, hardships and *blush* laziness induced by too much stress.

I haven’t decided on any new year resolutions (I actually don’t really bother much about them, they just make you guilty, and I have plenty of that these days)

So, I decided to use the chance to thank all of you wonderful readers, it was an honor to spend the past year among you *despite my disappearance act during the summer*.

I hope we will continue to enjoy another year together, and many more.

For now, here is a new year quote for you,

new year

See ya around;

Seekingsomepeace :)