A List of Maddening Things

One, the drip drip of water in the kitchen sink;

Two, the acidic smell of nail polish coming from my roommate’s side of the room

Three, the early chatter of the girls next door, how do people wake up with all those words?

Four, the annoying music blaring from the balcony two apartments to the left, not everyone like the kind of music you do!

Five, the endless questions of what’s right and wrong when Right is obvious, and Wrong is all those dying and starving in the countries right across the borders;

Six, the maybes and regrets of the past, all the what ifs, and only ifs, as though we’re all dead and tomorrow isn’t only a day away;

Seven, the words, empty and ice-cold of pity and ‘you poor thing’, of ‘I feel so sorry for them’, that come from anything but emotion. If you cared, why don’t you help? Bake the widower some food, hand the homeless man a coat, buy the little kid a book or a pair of new shoes!

Eight, all the TV news, and the Internet’s latest debates. Why is there so much blood and death? Is that all the world has become?

Nine, Worst of all, all the death and the blood in the world; it seems as though that is all the world has become…

Ten, me writing a list of maddening things and not doing a thing about any of them.




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