2017: Goals and Hopes

Hi guys;

It’s January 2nd already, this year is gonna be gone before we know it 🙂

I don’t know if it’s just me, or if people look more productive and optimistic about productivity at the beginning of each year. However, as the months roll by, their optimism and goal-oriented spirits start to dwindle.

2016-07-12-1468339936-7748616-procrastinationnowvslaterI believe this happens either from us making too many promises, sometimes unrealistic ones (or an unrealistic number of them), or because we don’t make the time to do those thing we seem to really want to do. How many years did exercise show up on my list, but I always find those excuses after a couple of workouts: Too busy, too tired, or simple laziness 😛

For these reasons, as the years came by, I’ve learned to not build up my hopes too high, and be realistic about my goals and resolutions.

Let me share my list this year:goals

Revise my NaNoWriMo novel to its end: My previous NaNoWriMo creations, as well as plenty of other unfinished first drafts sit around gathering virtual dust on my virtual desktop. Poor things suffer from me spending time promising myself to get around to doing it, but later finding some reason or another not do it. This year, I want to get it done, as terrible a novel as it may turn out at the end, I want to go through the whole process for once, maybe even share what I wrote with people for a change;

Read Books: The one resolution I seem to be good at keeping 🙂 This year’s Challenge is set to 20 books, but I plan on reading at least 30 if I get around and finish my next goal;

Write my Dissertation: Those of you who have honored me with a previous visit know I’m on a scholarship for a PhD program in Tunisia. I must get around to finishing all other tasks, and write the dreaded thing. I’ve been doing the planing for a while now, and hope to start once I’m done with the current WIP-article.

See More, Do More: I’m a sorry excuse of a tourist, really. I’ve been in a different and tourist-attraction country for three years now, and I have yet to go on an actual tourist tour anywhere other than the capital where I go to school. Tunisia has plenty to offer, and I just seem to find the weekends as a good time to sleep off the exhaustion of the week’s work instead of doing more fun and creative things, like checking out amazing old buildings, virgin beaches and the first Star Wars movie set location.

Overall, I just want to stop saying I will get things done, and start doing them 🙂

What about you? Any goals, resolutions?

Have fun;


PS. post images courtesy of Google Images.



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