Glitter: A Letter from the Past

After writing a letter to the Past, a fellow blogger, Success Inspirer’s World, asked if I received a reply. As it happens, I did get a reply…

Dear Seekingsomepeace;
I think that blaming me for your fixations is a bit unfair.
We often find ourselves obsessed with things and people, not for what/who they are, but for who we are.
It is the idea of the what if, the cleanness of the better alternatives, the greener other side of the yard, that glitters, catching our breath, engaging our imagination.
Remember, however, as you search for peace by moving away from me and our memories;
in neglecting all that we shared and seems now a hindrance to your future;
Remember that not all that glitters is gold, and not all memory or regret is a weight holding you down from progress.
The new might be just as dangerous as the old, and the yesterday holds much lessons for the tomorrow;
The Past.

PS. Special thanks for Success Inspirer for the much valued input and inspiration 🙂


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