The NaNoWriMo Chronicles: Winner!

Man that was hard!

Hello people, fellow Wrimos everywhere.

It’s the day before last, and I just hit the long awaited for 50K 🙂

There were many days this month I was worried I might have to accept that this year November had just came at the wrong time. That the writing just came so hard.

But as hard as NaNo this year had come, I and many courageous winner and participant novelists, had manged to do it. I finished my poor, most terrible thing I ever wrote, of a novel and I have a long hard path before me, to make into something readable.

I really hope to revise this one and get to open the file some day next year and find a finished story before my eyes.

What about you? How are you feeling at these last moments of NaNo?


2 thoughts on “The NaNoWriMo Chronicles: Winner!

  1. NeverWriter says:

    Congratulations! Btw, I’ve been watching your ticker all month. What is that little guy? He looks like a California raisin, but that’s because I’m old. I will miss seeing him!

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