Missing the Moment

We are one of, if not the most, surveilled generation in human history thus far.

And it’s not just the government’s and private sector’s installed security cameras, and eavesdroppers’ under-the-table hacks.

We are in fact providing this surveillance free of charge, and sometimes wisdom, on our own accord.

We share everything, every single day, sometimes every single hour of the day.

Pictures and posts tagged with our and others’ names and details. It seems like the social media dimension has it all, knows it all.

But what I’m about to talk about isn’t about privacy or the loss of it, or the need for it.

What I want to talk about is a fear many seem unable to grasp, a threat no one is really wary of.

I want you to think about not all that we are sharing, all that the world seems to know.

I want you, us, as a whole, to think instead, about all the things we are missing.

I fear that in our search to connect online, through this digital time and space traveling medium, we are missing something essential. Something crucial in the human experience.

We may be spending hours chatting with distant family and friends. We are, however, preoccupied most of the time from those in front of us.

When we are out on a special day, an adventure, a visit to some landmark or even a normal day at a local coffee-shop. All we seem to be doing is taking pictures, selfies, telling all those who aren’t there with us where we are and what we’re doing.  Following what they are too sharing. In the process, we are missing the moment.

Missing the old fashioned smell of coffee or tea, the simple pleasure of a conversation, one on one, face to face with those around us.

I fear we are all, more each day, missing the chance to actually live. Deferring by consequence to second-hand living. Instead of being actors in our own lives, we become an audience like all those watching our social media feed.

Can’t we all be like this old lady, and stop missing the show?


Disconnect for a moment, and enjoy the moment.

With love;


Images found via Google Images.

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