The NaNoWriMo Chronicles: Third Weekend

Hi guys;

How’s your weekend going?

Mine is on a spiral between trying to get ahead on the word count, and lazing in bed with a movie (or ten) :p

I finally got back on track with a 34K word count, and hoping to get down to another writing session before bed.

Going through the second act had been really hard, because I haven’t really thought through all the characters’ background stories or goals. Most of them just jumped in and joined the ride and now must either be left behind to die, or given a good reason to fight for/against the MC.

How was your NaNo this weekend? Any fun? Any winners?


4 thoughts on “The NaNoWriMo Chronicles: Third Weekend

  1. Prakash Hegade says:

    Hey, That’s a good number with 10 days left ahead. Have known three winners from my region already! I am sure there would be many! Many!

    Happy NaNo-ing.. 🙂

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