The Relationships in my life.

The Relationships in my life.

Howdy people!

How are you? How’s life?

I hope all is great for you, if it’s not, keep moving forward! It always darkest before dawn :)

A while ago I was visiting phd comics, and I found the perfect relationship status for me, everyone in my lab and my two roomates:

It kind of makes perfect sense, does it not?

I mean, a thesis does take up a large (if not all) amount of time and care.

Then again, it’s not just my thesis that does that.

Every writer has a book or two in their lives.

So, family, friends, a demanding thesis and a couple of playful and attractive but hard to deal with novels…. Yep, these are the relationships in my life :)

Enjoy your week, and the people (or books) in your life :)

Till I see ya again,



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30k to 40k: Gone mad?

30k to 40k: Gone mad?

Hi guys,

How is it going, any campers on sight?

I hope you’re all doing well, especially those who had set out to a writing challenge this month.

Like I already posted in the beginning of the month, I am taking part in NaNoWriMo camp. After struggling with my original plan, I changed the novel I was writing and things went great. Two weeks gone in April, and I made it to my original 30k goal.

But since I still have the time left, why not shake things up a bit?

So here it goes, added another 10k to the goal and must now get 40k finished.

It’s not much, a little over 500 words a day, hopefully I’d write a lot more than that.

Anyone enjoying the camp? Or another challenge this April?

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Can’t agree more with this one, as a natural born procrastinator nothing gets me working like the idea of failing a deadline XD

I have one this week and I already wok up an hour earlier to get some things done. Some people just need a push (or a supervisor they can’t disappoint).

Enjoy your week and wish me luck with my deadline :)

Seekingsomepeace ^_^

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