The NaNoWriMo Chronicles: Week One Overview

God that was hard!

Hello 🙂

So it’s the first few minutes of Nov. 8th. This means a whole week had gone by since NaNo began.

Overall it was a hard week. The hardest among all NaNo first weeks I ever encountered (since 2013). It was however, enjoyable in that I had went through it despite the agony the Inner-Editor and general laziness had put me through.

My Heroine is about to discover her true quest, and that things can get uglier still. Maybe that’ll make writing much easier.

For now, I am happy with reaching 14K. As bad and unusable as they might turn out to be in Dec. They are there and that’s all I that matters for now.

See ya later, and Good night for those it is night, have a nice day for those the midday is high 😉


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