Trust Me?

i-dont-have-trust-issues-i-just-know-better-quote-1The world is a little, or maybe very, weird these days.

If you’re the trusting type, they call you naive and tell you about all the bad things that befall those who trust others.

If you’re the opposite, they label you with insecurities and trust issues.

And you’re stuck, not sure what to do.

I mean, what if you trusted the wrong person? What if they broke your heart, leaving your back all bloody and torn?

What if you failed to trust those who are loyal to you, breaking their hearts and pushing them away when you should keep them close?

How do you know?

Well, I have an answer for you: You don’t!

That’s just it. You don’t know if someone is a bad friend, or a two-


faced coworker. You don’t know if you’re in love with the ‘one’ or with the one who’ll ruin you.

The only way to find out, is by trial and error.

Just don’t be blind, every now and then, pull away and assess the world around you.

Are you in these relationships (friendship, business, romance) for the right reasons? Are you too blind by loneliness, greed or the shiny object syndromes, to really see?

Trust is essential. It brings us safety and belonging.

It is also precious, once lost, hard to recover.

Always be sure, you put yours in the right hands, and that those who give you theirs, have left it, in good hands.

Seekingsomepeace 🙂


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