Hypocritic’s Oath: One Wrimo’s Promise to their Novel

So, a couple of weeks ago I stumbled on this lovely (or not so lovely) post: Take the Hypocritic Oath.

The author’s point blank is to DO HARM !

Do not be alarmed, all the victims are fictitious (or are they?)

You see when one decides to write a book, one might come to like their characters (even love them). In the process, one might hesitate to be unkind to them.

Problem is, happy people don’t make up for very good books. They make up for very boring ones.

I mean, how can a reader relate to an imaginary person when said person is nothing like a real person.

Sure they can fly/spew fire or whatever, but they have to have real emotions and real problems. Otherwise they will be too unrealistic.

After all, life is hard, it’s a test of courage and morals. It is not one lived by doing nothing, and one cannot do anything without making trouble: doing good angers the bad, doing bad angers the good. If your character’s life is perfect, and remains unruffled all throughout the book, then, they aren’t worth reading about. Simply say this guy/gal had a perfect life, end of story.

Being one of those people who enjoy torturing and taking out their frustrations on non-existenet people (seeing as I try really hard to be nice to the blood and flesh ones *most of the time*), I must say I very much enjoyed and am proud to pronounce my Hypocritic’s Oath:

“I, Airlia Gray, a Wrimo, promise…to do horrible things…to my characters. To fill their lives…with pain…and misery…to torture them…at every turn…and to never…ever…make anything easy.”

So, Wrimos out there, are you willing to take the oath and bring real people with real trouble into your novels?


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