Value & Worth: What’s important to you?


“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.”

-Benjamin Franklin

In many ways, we all know this to be true. We are all aware at one level or another that we only know the value of things, after we’ve lost them.

Gone abroad for school/work: Wish my family was here.

Had a fight/breakup with someone: Why do I keep on saying these painful things?

Lost a job, got sick, got sucked into a boring project: Why was I cursing at my lack of money/health/time/life-excitement?

It’s these ideas that encourage us to be more grateful, be more generous, remember to say thank you / I love you.

It’s a worthy mission, this thought of remembering the value of everything before we loose anything.

But what few ever talk about, is the opposite.

What about loosing the things with fake values?sometimes-what-you-want-most-is-what-youre-best-without-quote-1

Let’s start with something simple: That favorite product of yours? It was stopped from production.

Oh, wait, you tried a different one: It’s better!

How about something more touchy: You broke up with that long-term bestie?

Oh, God, why was I friends with someone so poisonous?! S/he hated me! I don’t even remember a time s/he said a single encouraging or caring thing to me.

That job? It was sucking the life out of me! That life partner? It was abuse, how could I not have seen it?


Truth is, I believe many of us are too attached, too close to many a thing and people in our lives, we are blind to their lack of worth.

How many of us need to step out the picture and see from a little distance the true value of the people/things in our lives?

How about knowing your friend is not a friend if the giving is only one-way, and that your spouse is the real deal despite how s/he ate the last pizza slice.

Take out a moment, write down all the things that could disappear right this instance, all the people that you might never see again after this moment:

Will you miss them? Or will you be better off?

If the first, are you showing them enough appreciation and love?

If the latter, why are they still there?

Why are we blaming our unhappiness on fate, when we won’t clean our own lives from worthlessness?

I’m not trying to be mean, I’m not ever, saying to break ties with family and loved ones. All I’m saying is to give worth to yourself more, and to fake value, less.

Image credits goes to Keyword-suggestions , Picturequotes and Quoteslife101.




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