Give Your Blog a Makeover Series, Part I: Images

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Blog Makeover post series 🙂

Like I said in the introduction, the first post of this series is about getting Free images for your header (or any other image usage).

Let’s see, first things first:

“One cannot download an image and modify it, then put it out as a header without the proper rights”

If you do that, you’ll be facing possible law charges of intellectual property theft, or something of the sort. Bottom line, you need to get free images. Just because you can find them on Google, doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with them. If you’ve been checking my posts, I always say where I got the images I use (unless they’re mine, or are free to use).

The most common place to get free to use (and modify) images is, you guessed it, Google.

You can make sure your search results are legal to use by setting the Google images parameters.

How do you that, you ask?

Easy, just go to the Google images search page, type your Keyword(s). Of course, in this post I assume you have some idea of what your blog is about, and therefore what kind of image you want.

Maybe you want a floral header? your key word (s): Floral backgrounds, flowers and/or colorful flowers. Let’s go with Flowers. Google will give you something like This:


Now, did you catch that “seach tools” button? Press it and a list of options will show up, one of them is “Usage right” This one is a list of possibilities (labeled for reuse…etc).


I like to pick “labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification” (stress modification, and loose noncommercial if your blog has commercial intentions). Your search result will be, now, something like  this:

g_st_typeYou’ll notice you’ve lost quite a few interesting images, sorry, but this next search tool might be of better help.

My latest discovery is the Creative Commons Search. From Google, you find that Creative Commons (CC for short) is a non-profit that wants creativity to be legally built upon existing art . Their search tool has many options, like Google Images, and Flickr.

So, go to the site, pick your option (PixaBay for example) and enter your keyword.


Notice that CCsearch allows you to find all kinds of media; images, videos and music. and underneath the textbar, you can choose to find art to use comercially or not, and/or art to modify. By the way, if you pick Google images, you’ll find yourself in the page of the first search idea of this post 😉

Now, just keep looking till you find an image you want (or a whole bunch). Believe me, you’ll know 🙂

Before we go, there are couple of more options to find free stock images. They have no search tools (as far as I know) but they e-mail you a ZIP file of very interesting and high quality images (you have to signup with your e-mail address of course).

These sites are:

Check them out and see what you get 🙂

See you guys with “Give Your Blog a Makeover Series, Part II: Create Your Free Header“.

Till then, please share ideas and/or questions in the comments.

Seekingsomepeace 🙂


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