Free New Look: Give Your Blog a Makeover Series, Introduction.

When I started Loquacité, about two years ago, it was just a new experience. An outlet to things I wanted to share. And now, 24 months in the process, it is still in the making 🙂

If you have given the blog a visit anytime during this period, you’d notice that I like to give it a new look whenever I get the chance. Loquacité is still an experiment to me, one that I enjoy, and wish to one day get that distinction great blogs do.

This isn’t about Loquacité though, this is about Free Makeovers 🙂

I don’t know if any of you had given the DailyPost blog a visit, I do. It has plenty of great advice about all things blog.

One thing they advice about is using WordPress free customization tools to give your Blog the look it needs, and deserves at no cost at all.

Most WordPress themes come with lovely, somewhat adjustable, color Schemes. A chance to set the blog’s tag phrase and even logo.

But the most interesting, is the Header image.

Creating your own customized Header image will give your Blog a new breath of life. And those who have little to no experience with stock images and design tools, this post series is a quick and free Tutorial.

The series is three parts: I)-Finding the correct, free image; and II)- Creating your header using free online tools; and finally, III)- Where and how to set up your new look in WordPress.

Check them out, and please let me know if you have any questions or ideas.

Stay tuned,

Seekingsomepeace 🙂

Photos are compliment of Google Images.

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