Goodreads Reading Challenge, Part II: 20 to 30.

Hi guys,

How is it going?

It’s been a while, I was kind of busy/tired and as usual too absentminded to notice I’ve been skipping posts, again :p

Anyway, if you have been checking around my blog you’ve already seen my part I of this article.

Well, since then, I have went a bit insane and added another 10 books to my Goodreads challenge which I finished today *yay me!!!!*


These last ten were harder, because…Well, because life, school…etc.

And with these added ten, we also have more books to the “I dore” list.

The books are:

  1. Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley : This one I read in two sets, started yesterday and finished today. It made me go insane, on the verge of tears and holding my breath till the very end, which I absolutely love!! It’s not just about the love story, as it should, but the couple in Magonia do know crossed-lovers, and impossible relationships up and close. It was one heartwarming, inside wrenching story.


  2. By the Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters: This one broke my heart a little. It’s a story that starts out by being about death, and then you realize is about life, begins with despair but become hope. I felt that the voices were genuine and pained, though there was something off somewhere, it probably just the fact I was never bullied or pushed to the edge of suicide. It’s a worthy book 🙂 

  3. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner: This one is like…I don’t know something about the leads kept me reading and reading and reading… Space travel, love story, powerful and pained aliens… It was so much more than a simple cross-lovers story. For me, it was about life, real one not just existing. 
  4. Splintered by A.G. Howard: This book was insane, and I mean it in the best possible way. The lead was believable and her inner conflicts as painful as her outer ones. There is nothing harder than fighting two parts of yourself. The same goes for the first book on this list Magonia.


So, let’s leave it at that for now 🙂

See ya soon *I promise*



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