The 777 Writing Challenge

Hi guys !!

I know, it’s been a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile.

The excuses are the same, but I am proud to claim some productivity at having submitted two very tiresome papers, in wait for response (hoping for acceptance) let us return to the amazing world of words.

I don’t know if any of you is aware, but NaNoWriMo camp for April had began about five days ago, and my work in prgress (Exanime) is doing okay so far.

If any of you is embarking on the enjoyable journey of a writing-filled camp, don’t hesitate to share the experience. If not, do consider trying, the word count goal can be anything you want and the cabin system and camp care are very helpful.

In the meantime, I just received a fun tag from the wonderful Alex, the voice behind Valourbörn (Which by the way just turned two, so congrats again J )

The tag is simple, For the 777 Writing challenge, just scroll to page 7, line 7 of you WIP, and write the following 7 lines.

I’m not sure it is wise to share this lump of uneditted words with the world yet, but here goes nothing:

She stood in an unusal defensive stance, both hands on the handle of a flat black-blade sword. She was facing them both, her heavy breathing loud enough for him to hear.

“Sworn by the dark lord, name your business” she demanded in a sharp tone.

Tristan felt power emenate from her, a power he could not describe or understand but it was a power he wanted for himself. A deep sense of desire in taking pocession of the creature before him filled his soul, an emotion strong and bizarre enough he didn’t even try to comprehend.

“I am Tristan of Ciranion, king of the land, and this is Ulrich my first knight. Who are you child?” he asked trying to keep his voice as kind as he could. The girl met his smile with a supicious glare.

“King? No kings rule in the dark lord’s realm… No king but the lord himself” she said.

What do you think of my heroine’s first encounter with her future king?

The other part of the tag is to name seven bloggers to do the same. So here they go.

I rename TJ and add Rachel Poli, Tommia, Osharlequin, Felicity, CityStateWriting, Mike and Richardo. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did.

I’ll leave it at this for now, see you guys soon (I promise)

Seekingsomepeace 🙂

By the way, did I say thank you Valourbörn ?, if I didn’t then, Thanks a million!!!, it was a nice and straightforward challenge…gave me a bit of courage I must admit XD.



2 thoughts on “The 777 Writing Challenge

  1. FanTC says:

    (Note: All I read was your 7 line WIP). Lol. I really enjoyed that tiny snippet, like I kept scrolling around trying to find more.

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