One Week Down, Three to Go!


Hello everyone!

Looks like it’s already November 7th, a whole week already went by.

Anyone knows how the days flew by??

My first week of November, in other words NaNoWriMo, was :

crazy weekKind of obvious with everything going on…

One academic paper due on the 30th, hopefully, that would mean a double celebration for me **crosses finger***

A major event at my lab and I somehow ended up in charge of the infographic part (hours to make sure all the badges are accounted for, I don’t know when I stopped knowing how to do simple math), on the good side, my own handy work will be displayed all around the school for three days **huge proud smile**: yes I am weird like that.

Not to forget trying not go to bed before making my daily post, since I’m also participating in NaBloPoMo. After that one half year disappearance stunt, it looked like a good idea to keep myself blogging at least once a day, so far… Helpful :P, and fun !!

And of course, my beloved NaNo Novel ** big wide grin**

My current word count is just past 12k, so I am keeping up with the daily word count, but just barely, hopefully I can get a good deal done over the weekend 🙂

The writing is a little bumpy, I don’t know why the flow keeps on getting interrupted all too often, but things started getting better these past two days.

Let’s hope it continues on 🙂

Anyway, I better get writing.

Please don’t hesitate to share your own impression about the first week of November with me 🙂

Here is my NaNo ID: airlia2ai , if you’d want to buddy me,

See ya later,


Photos curtsy of google images.


6 thoughts on “One Week Down, Three to Go!

  1. Valourbörn says:

    I can relate to the “crazy week” theme!

    I had something due (either an assignment or test) every single day this week, starting right away with a lovely research paper. So I’m lagging behind with 5000 words, which I shall endeavour to repair this weekend. I just hope I get some slack the next few weeks so I can somewhat keep up throughout the work days.

    But your word count’s looking good, keep it up 😀 Hopefully your writing focus will only get better!

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