Anyone else agrees with this?

Anyone else agrees with this?

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9 thoughts on “Anyone else agrees with this?

      • Tienny says:

        think I’m quiet and Weird

        My Friends
        Thinks I’m cheerful

        My BestFriends
        Know that I’m quiet but easy to confide with

      • seekingsomepeace says:

        Well, I don’t know about quiet, but I think you are someone easy to confide with 🙂

        Nice to find out more about you.

        See you around 🙂

      • Tienny says:

        Am I someone easy to confide with? I don’t know. Maybe? Nice to know you too 🙂 I am wondering you are insane in what area?

      • seekingsomepeace says:

        Lets just say I’ve been caught talking to my computer and other objects, swearing at my own created villains for their crimes and many other examples 🙂

        It is a given writers, artists in general, are a little off in the head, right?

        There is a proverb in Arabic that says that “art is madness”.

      • seekingsomepeace says:

        You know what they say, only the insane they are sane, Just kidding XD, glad to meet someone who is still hanging to their sanity kind of hard to do these days.
        Personally I enjoy it but everyone has their own weird tastes.

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