And it arrives…The cold I mean

And it arrives...The cold I mean

Hi guys, how’s it going?
any plans for the weekend?

Personally, my plans are very simple: find a way to get rid of the cold.

I woke up with sore throat yesterday, lots of aching all over my poor fragile body and I knew a cold was on the way.

So I stocked on vitamin C, chicken soup (a twist on a family soup recipe) and honey.

Still, I woke up with a not so lovely stuffy nose.

God, I hate the cold.

I usually get sick often around this period of time ( at least twice whenever the seasons are about to shift). So I should be grateful this is the first time I got sick this year (without taking into account my flu in December)

still, being away from a mom who has a stock of both medicines and home remedies for just about anything I would come down with, makes me even more homesick.

Do I sound like a whinny kid? I feel like one.

Nothing beats having your mom around when you’re down or sick.

I miss you mom!

The worst is, I am far too busy to travel home during spring vacation…Agh!

Anyway, I hope none of you is sick.

Enjoy the weekend.



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