Why is it so hard?

Why is it so hard?

Hello everyone,
Looks like I’ve missed a few posts again 
Sorry, it’s just that my presentation is driving me crazy.
My supervisor seems to keep thinking it is too superficial and needs to be redone.
He had asked me to change it for another time, and I’m not even sure he read the whole thing. Because he asked me to include the same stuff I put in the first version after he asked me to remove it.
I am ranting, I know, I can’t help it though. It is just hard to focus on the core of the subject for some reason.
I feel like I am missing the point of the articles I am reading and even if I put down a good outline, I always stray far from it for some reason.
Presentations were never my good point; I find them hard to develop out of nowhere. I am used to making a report first then cutting it down to ideas, and the ideas into slides.
But, I am not given enough time to create this report. And for some bizarre reason, I keep on forgetting large amounts of important information I already read. So I keep returning to my notes which direct me back into a re-read of the article itself: An ever-lasting annoying cycle.
Maybe I am just tired? I do feel like it, and I have an inclination to do better under pressure but a whole lot worse when tired.
The problem is that the days are running by and I can’t take time off at this moment.
On the other hand my NaNo editing sessions are steady. I had to cut half the stuff out, so there is only 50k left of the original manuscript (those scenes were just lazy unreasonable filling that had to die). I am expecting to be ready for a good re-write during NaNo camp in April.
So, that’s about it for now. Thank you for listening.
I better get going now, see you guys soon 

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7 thoughts on “Why is it so hard?

  1. http://theenglishprofessoratlarge.com says:

    Years ago, I devised a simple formula for writing, and it applies to presentations.
    1. Go for the throat. Don’t dilly dally about what you are presenting.
    2,. Make a clear statement about the essence of your presentation.
    3,. Back up your statement with specific examples, statistics, photos, etc. whatever you need to shore up your statement.
    4. Keep it simple.

  2. Ginja says:

    *Cracks knuckles*

    Does the ginja need to go on the hunt and “encourage” said employer to see reason and clarity?

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