Am I being judgmental??

Am I being judgmental??

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Hello everyone,
looks like I have gone offline for few days, I was kind of busy (lazy) to post.

I had to stop by to day and ask if I am being too judgmental.
You see, I am a person who generally doesn’t really care what people think of how I look, speak or act.
I think its none of their business.
In the same way, I don’t care how people dress and speak or act, unless they offend me intentionally.

So here is the thing, the other day, I was out with my roommates when a couple walked by.

The woman was obviously older and she was strangely dressed for my taste and outrageously dressed for my roommates’ taste.

I walked by and didn’t give them a second look, didn’t comment on anything.
My roommates however pointed fingers:
“Are they really a couple?”
“How did she get him?”
“Is he blind?”
“Maybe she’s rich?”
You know, that kind of talk, which honestly made me sick.
The same thing had repeated more than once about many people.

I won’t say I don’t notice when people are dressed, look or act differently. But that’s all that comes to my mind, different.

Its a free country, they can do as they like. Its not a crime to fall for an older person or wear too much colors.

In short, its no one’s business. Their life, their business.
The thing is someone once told me that judging people as judgmental was being judgmental.

So am I being that?

Am I pointing fingers and calling others some adjectives for doing exactly what I am doing?

I mean, I’m not saying they are bad girls or harsh for that matter.
They should just mind their own business. I have often asked them to keep their eyes, and mouths, to themselves.

What do you think? Is saying this makes me the same?

9 thoughts on “Am I being judgmental??

  1. Tienny says:

    I’m not sure this myself. Hearing these do make sick. And I can understand your feelings. It will be better to hear from another party 🙂


    • seekingsomepeace says:

      By other party, do you mean my roommates?
      Because all they said is that it was something very common in their hometown. They even make comments about each other. I just don’t feel at home with people that think they have the right to say how others should look or act. No one is perfect.

      • seekingsomepeace says:

        Well, my friends agree on my opinion in general. I tend to make friends with people who have close ideas to mine especially on this level.
        they have yet to tell me I’m a person that judges others, I’m also an ENTP, and we are the devil’s advocates. You’d find me defending everybody’s right to do what they want something my friends are used to.
        I should have a more profound conversation with my friend though, I would like to hear more of her opinion on this 🙂
        Thank you for the advice 🙂

  2. Arphaxad says:

    Sounds to me like you think like an individual and don’t fall into “mob mentality”. It has been my experience that people are more considerate of others when they are by themselves, but those same people will make fun of others when in a group. Not sure why that happens, I try to avoid it myself.

    I think you and I act similarly in this situation as I would be put off by my companions if they spoke like that around me. I find I challenge people when they make statements like those.

    You are a strong person, don’t like “mob mentality” change you or make you feel bad for wanting to do the right thing.

    • seekingsomepeace says:

      Thank you for the wise words.
      I did notice that too, some people tend to try and blend in with their group even if it goes against their own beliefs. I personally feel better not being in any group and keep my own personality and opinions. There is a saying that goes “Better alone then with bad company”, although I wouldn’t say my roommates are that bad, but don’t send me in a walk with them 🙂
      I will be careful about the “mob mentality”though, I’ll hate myself if I became the type that thinks they have the authority to judge others.

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