The Bad times


Some days are just bad, you are on the verge of tears and you know you can’t cry because it is your job to wipe others’ tears. You feel a tightening in your heart and you feel like it would never end. You wake from the deepest of sleep, you pray and feel better until it falls on you again.
Those around think you are too strong, too happy and don’t understand that those who smile brightest are the saddest of all.
It is an endless circle, one thing to another and each time you think it is okay you discover that it is not.
Whenever you fix one thing, you realize some slip might be your end.
There are the times when you are too weak and keep busy in fear to be left alone with your dark thoughts. And there are the times you sit and write, courageous enough to let them come to your conscious mind and be scared to the point you think your heart might stop.
It’s not the bad times that scare you, you realize.
Bad times are normal, they always happen.
They are those decisions you make, those stupid thing you do trying to set it right that frighten you to the darkest of corners where the light may never come.


This is the second Journal entry by my new MC. Any critique?

PS. It is raw, unedited.


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