Just saying…Do YOUR JOB!!

Just saying...Do YOUR JOB!!

Hello everyone, how’s it going?
I hope all is well.
My day had been tiresome.
Well, my week had been tiresome.

Like some of you know I just started editing my NaNo Novel ‘A Dagger’s Soul’ and things are hard.

I am also in the middle of getting some papers done to finish my inscription in the PHD Program, and its plain annoying.
illogical at times, and don’t forget exhausting, Agh!

Today was especially bad.
You see we needed to get a paper out this very sweet lady, who has a very loud voice and is reputed to enjoy avoiding her work at all costs.

We were asked to wait in line, for an hour, then she decided she needed to close and go do some other work.
I stopped her by the door and explained we were foreign students and needed this finished as soon as possible otherwise we’ll loose our scholarship.

She asked us to wait.
Have you guessed? Yep, she made us wait for an hour. Then came down at the same time her office hours end and told everyone to leave.
Nice, right?
We wouldn’t budge so she asked for a piece of paper from the ministry, we had it ready and photocopied, too bad for her 🙂
What a face she made: “You already have it?!!”

Oh, don’t get all happy just yet,
Where are your files? she asks.
What files?
How did you get here without sending them?
We already admitted them to the ministry, the acceptance board and the scientific board. How else we just handed you the paper you asked for smartypants?
I don’t care, go for now and come back later.
I need to see the files with my own eyes.

Did I mention she is not in position to make any decision based on those files? That she absolutely cannot need them in anyway?
That all she need to do is open a database and add our names?
Apparently she lives for making student, and teachers, suffer to get their stuff done.
Anyway…We have to wait till Monday. High chance is she will not find the files for some reason, or forget all about us while at it.

Some people are just weird, why not just do your job?
I mean, it says reception from 9 to 11,
not come at nine, leave at ten then come back at 11 and ask everyone to leave?

Oh, look at me go.
Sorry, but I am just frustrated at how irresponsible some people are.

There was this teacher waiting with us who had actually failed to attend a conference because she delayed his papers and he missed the deadline for getting his visa, meaning the chance to attend the conference.
Does she even have any idea how hard it is to get accepted into a conference like that?

I think we might be better off with robots at times, I mean, a robot wouldn’t do things like that?
It might crash, do errors, but it won’t just act evil for no reason, now would it?
Well, unless its a scifi movie but that’s a whole different story 🙂

I think I should stop at this.
See you guys later
seeking some peace

Photo taken from http://www.eduguide.org


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