And the massacre continues


And the massacre continues

Hey guys :)
Fear not, I killed no one…yet :)
I just happen to have spent another day editting the poor porse I call a first draft.
Really, there should be a whole gender of drafts just for me
Call it the Zero draft, or the under zero draft.
One is just not bad enough for my novel :(
I know I promised to not look at my novel with a cruel eye, and the idea itself still looks epic in my head, but the writing is just terrible.
I am going at a very slow pace, and I think I need a better plan.
I’ll go search and may post again to share the findings :)
For now, thanks for reading

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9 thoughts on “And the massacre continues

      1. One thing I did before I started rewriting was to write summary paragraphs of everything in the first draft. That way I could see immediately what I didn’t like. Then later when I got stuck trying to edit in chronological order, I either flipped to whatever scene was in my mind, or just to a random part and started editing that. Keeps the interest fresh, you know?

      2. I do have a summary of each scene I wrote.
        So I started with killing off scenes that added nothing to the story.
        It is kind of boring to do them in order at times, I guess I should consider not following the order. Some scenes are closer to what I want them to be then the rest.
        Did you print your draft on paper? I’m using yWriter.

      3. Yep, I printed it all out. I find it a thousand times easier to edit on paper, so I have a sense of space, but that’s just me. I’ve never heard of yWriter before. Do you like it?

      4. First time using it, so far its okay.
        It has chapters, scenes, char…etc. And automatic save and backup.
        It also has a built in word processor and spell check.
        I try and avoid printing because of all the poor trees that my novel doesn’t deserve killing :)

      5. Oh that sounds useful. Perhaps I should check it out.
        Aha, yeah, I feel kind of bad for all those trees… I shall try to make their noble sacrifices worthwhile!

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