When you are at lost for words


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Hey guys,

Today I wanted to ask you all for advice.

What do you do when you know your words would be of little to no help?

When they would only seem superficial because you know you’ve never went through what the other party is going through. And although you feel for them, you are unable to say ‘I understand’

You might be wondering what I mean, or not.

The truth is I’ve been going through my reader and I chanced over many fellow bloggers going through hard times.

Most of them are facing issues I am very lucky to have never faced myself, or saw happen for someone I know.

I know they wrote it so we can read it, or because simply writing made them feel better.

I read it and I am at lost for what to say.

Because honestly nothing I would say would make things easier, and it might even annoy them.

But not saying anything feels coward of me, like I am protecting myself from their reaction to my reply instead of doing it out of my heart’s feeling to show them the support they are in need of.

So I ask you,

If you happen to read a post of a major crisis in someone’s life.

Would few kind words from someone who has no idea what to say, someone who knows the words will not make a lot of difference (I know this is a bad thought coming from a writer) be a good option?

Please tell me??




11 thoughts on “When you are at lost for words

  1. Nina Kaytel says:

    I’ve posted a couple of whiny blogs. The comments and emails make me feel better. Some people offer a simple ‘I hope things look up” while others go into stories — it all makes me feel better because it shows that people care.

  2. thoughtfullyprepping says:

    To write out a problem is a release, to talk is to share a problem, to read words of kindness a comfort. What is written often has no insight, no deep understanding, no basis for decisions yet to know someone cares enough to write back to you is often that little boost people need

  3. Valourbörn says:

    I would say the best thing you could offer is a story, some sort of similar experience you’ve been through or a time when you felt the same way. That way, when you say that things will get better or that you hope things improve for them, you sound more sincere and like you’re not just spewing inspirational quotes you can find on the internet, you know? I know that when I’ve had a rough time, the best feeling in the world is to know that someone is rooting for you. If they get annoyed with you, well, unfortunately there’s not much you can do :/

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