Dear NoNo Novel…First day of editting

Dear NoNo Novel...First day of editting

Dear NaNo novel,
We met in October and then spent everyday in November together.
I thought you were amazing,
You made me feel like I could face the world with pride.
And now I sit and read,
Clumsy words, grammar disasters and horrid style faces me.
How could you be so deceptive?
Why are you no longer the epic adventure I imagined you to be?
No do not cry, I did not mean to be cruel.
You must take critique with open heart and mind.
You are terrible, and that’s that.
Now you meet take the red pen,
you must shed those mean adverbs,
You must eliminate those extra scenes and be grateful I didn’t just throw you into the bin.
Fear not, my dear NaNo novel.
I might hate you now, but maybe in a year or two you would become a real novel 🙂

Yours truly,

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10 thoughts on “Dear NoNo Novel…First day of editting

    • seekingsomepeace says:

      Glad to hear am not the only one.
      Who knows maybe my novel will get scared enough and edit itself…Maybe…
      Thanks for the read and good luck with your novel 🙂

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