Enough already!!

Hi guys, how did the weekend go?

Good? Great to hear that 🙂

Today I wanted to pose a question that have been bothering me since a while now, am I a perfectionist?

I mean, ever since I could ever remember, I always find it hard to deliver anything, and even after I do I always think it is lacking somehow. No matter how much time and effort I spend, I always feel I could do better.

I already did lots of writing and coding for school since my first year in college, and even now, each time I look at a paper or a program I always remember all things I could have done and never had enough time too. Some I actually continued to fix even after I returned it to the teachers.

Same can be said about my writing.

I always end up editing, and re-editing my work and never finish the rest of the manuscript, till I discovered the magic of sacking the inner editor and writing stress free with Nano that is.

And now, I am worried about editing my work.

Will end up spending time doing the edit after another and never mark a novel as finished? will ever say enough already and just let it be, no matter how lacking and imperfect it may look?

You see for school, and other assignments, there is a deadline and someone you have to return the work to. But a novel written without any boundaries of time is different.

I am my only boss, and my boss is hard to please…Dear, impossible to please.

Is that what we call a perfectionist?

I guess so, and it is worrisome at best.

Any advice?


7 thoughts on “Enough already!!

      • Tienny says:

        Don’t worry. Your work will improve daily whenever you attempt your best. Your current work is much better than your first work. Aren’t our works terrible during our babyhood?

      • seekingsomepeace says:

        True. I guess that’s the whole point of being on a writer’s journey, to start as a fool and then grow up every day. But it is in the human nature to want everything to happen overnight.
        Thanks for the kind words, they do lift up my spirit 🙂

  1. Irene Waters 19 Writer Memoirist says:

    I think that as a writer you will always be able to find something to edit. If you write the first draft free form then that first edit should be the largest. I think after three drafts it is time to let someone else read it and edit. You can no longer see it clearly. It needs to be someone who will be truthful and you have to be ready to be slammed into a brick wall at many miles per hour. Time for another draft and maybe another few readers. Before sending it to a publisher pay for an edit. When it gets out there it will be the best it possibly can and there’ll be readers who love it. Thanks for visiting and following. I am now following you – I enjoy your conversational style.

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