what where you like as a child?

I wass a very annoying, talkative and somewhat evil as a child.

Thank god I grew up.

what brought this on you may ask.

My little brother. He had spent the last couple of weeks annoying the hell out of me all day long, schools were off for winter break.

He wants to buy more and more toys, he never palys with those for more than a day or two by the way. HE wants to stay out late and watch TV. He decides that the best time to have a conversation, sing a song or simply cry out loud while we’re all having fun talking about stuff or watching a favorite family series.

He’s trying to get attention, I konw, but its a little too much.

My mom laughed at me for complaining :”You were a lot worse.”

Really? no, seriously, REALLY?

How could I, sweet little me, be worse than THAT?

After a thought, it could be.

I remember some unnecessary fists of anger, crying and shouting at launch times for no reason while in kindergarten.

I also remember being a little too outspoken, come on, RUDE with poor victims, adults especially.

I was selfish at best, and did not like the idea of sharing. Happens when you are the only child in a family that pampers you and then they send you to a place with all those other kids.

In short, I should be more patient with kids. I was one, a very bad evil one too 🙂

What about you guys?

Sweet, the devil’s spawn?

I would like to hear your stories 🙂



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