“If you’re goin…

“If you’re going to be weird, be confident about it”

So me 🙂


4 thoughts on ““If you’re goin…

  1. rosex229 says:

    This quotes brevity lends great power to its insightfulness.

    The key is that EVERYONE is weird.

    When we feel weird, awkward, or inhibited from expressing ourselves it shows in our body language and tone that we’re “hiding something”. People naturally are skeptical and avoid such a situation.

    When we allows ourselves to be, and embrace our inherent weirdness with self-assurance suddenly our quirks become unique and interesting traits. Does anyone like the person who is 100% completely average? No, they’re bland. What we are naturally drawn toward is someone with a unique edge that fascinates us – without confidence that unique edge is described as weird.

    Love this quote! Really got me thinking. Thank you!

    • seekingsomepeace says:

      Thank you!
      I think that confidence does give the good edge to our own quirks and weirdness, because people who embrace who they are unafraid or self-conscious about people’s opinions are the type of people that inspire others.
      I have moments in my life when this quote would have been useful, but in the last seven years or so , I feel that I have lived by it and it actually got me in a more happy and comfortable position with me 🙂

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