Different Personality…

Hi guys, how is it going?

Any writing? Editing?

Me? Not much, leaving the novel to rest for a few weeks. I am worried I won’t have enough time to edit it with all the reading I have to do for my thesis.

Today I wanted to discuss something that happend during the week.

Problem? A closet.

Yep, you heard it. A closet.

As you might have heard I am actually in Tunisia for my PHD. And currently staying in an apartment with two roommates and two more girls in the neighboring room.

The apartment has one dressing with two closets. Having arrived later than the other girls, my roommates and I discovered that each of our neighbors had taken a closet all to herself.

At first we were quite, well, I was quite my roommates were building up some anger at the subject.

They finally went and asked for the girls to leave them some room. They left one side of one closet to us and the rest all to them.

My roommates were seething with rage now and decided to declare war.

Me? I said nothing.

Why?Β Because I avoid confrontation.

My roommates have the impression my personality is weak, I don’t really think that.

The main reason I try and avoid making problems with others, as long as its something I see as meaningless, is because I am awfully scary when confronted.

No really, I made one of my best friends cry her heart out once. It took me two weeks to make amends.

The thing is I never hold grudges, not against anyone, but when in the moment of boiling I will make sure to hurt and hurt badly.

I would say the most painful things that come to my mind without editing and I hate to do that.

No one deserves to have their feelings hurt so much and I have no desire to give people a bad memory of me.

But does that make me a people pleasing weak kind of person?

I mean there are things worth fighting for but not a closet

How about you guys? Do you think I’m too worried about other people than worry about me?



15 thoughts on “Different Personality…

  1. LizzeeBuff says:

    A closet is something silly to declare war over! Maybe a negotiation would be more beneficial!

    I am the same though! I hate confrontation! I can be extremely horrid when boiling over the anger pot! But, people can also be as equally as scary and as much as I can defend myself with words, I still don’t like to hear theirs lol!

    It doesn’t make you weak as a person! It makes you look.. sensible! I guess if you really believe the closet is something you should speak up about and well it sounds like it does as there’s a fair few of you there then speak up… don’t need to cause offence to them :).

    • seekingsomepeace says:

      Thanks for the read πŸ™‚
      Yes, I think it is not worth a war. A simple kind talk can be just as useful.
      I hate hearing bad words as much as saying them so just be nice whenever. Some things are worth a fight though and I wouldn’t mind dying for…You know like getting a novel published πŸ™‚

      • seekingsomepeace says:

        Finished it, I was so happy to write the ending πŸ™‚
        Its now resting for a few weeks before I start editing, probably during the winter holidays if my thesis supervisor gave me some time off. Turned out writing, lab time and a thesis make a crazy combination, fun and fulfilling, but crazy.
        What about you ?

      • LizzeeBuff says:

        That’s brilliant!!! And yeahh a well deserved time off is muchly needed!

        I am no where near finished! Yes, I did the 50k… but I have been doing Uni work too :|. I started to edit the first couple of paragraphs just so I can keep my mind up-to-date with it! If I leave it too long and begin to forget things! lol

  2. caitlinm says:

    I feel like the closet thing would likely become symbolic of other issues for me. Like, knowing the living arrangements, it seems very selfish to claim them for themselves. I would probably let it go to, but then would end up screaming about it when they did something else selfish, months down the road. That’s probably not a good plan, either. πŸ™‚

    • seekingsomepeace says:

      That’s a interesting point of view, I didn’t consider that.
      Maybe we should have a meeting and discuss everything first?
      Thanks for the read and the opinion πŸ™‚

      • caitlinm says:

        No problem! I think a calm discussion just about space (and perhaps respecting each other’s space and belongings?) would be a good start. That way, you three could bring up the closet issue without making it the whole problem. In a cramped apartment like that, I’d say it’s better to get boundaries set up sooner rather than later!

  3. Michelle Proulx says:

    You could always go with the passive aggressive approach. Leave a note to your roommates saying: “Hi ladies. As there are four of us and two closets, I would like one half of a closet for my clothing and belongings. I think this is quite fair. ______, please make sure half your closet is available for my use by ((one week from today)). Thanks!” And then if they don’t move their s**t, you go in, take out half, and dump it on their bed along with another note: “Hey ______. Sorry about the mess — I really do need somewhere to put my stuff, and since you didn’t get a chance to move your things out of my half of the closet, I did it for you. Thanks for your understanding!”

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