December first…Lessons I learned

The past 30 days have been filled with surprises of all kinds to me and of lessons.

I learned so much about myself,

First I do have so much more courage then I had first expected.

Second, I am the type to write faster with some pre-planning and no, it does not steal away from my joy in writing.

Third, I have no doubt that NaNo is just the thing to my lazy habits 🙂

So, darlings, please don’t be sad if you have failed wining NaNo, I’m sure everyone had learned so much about themselves, their stories, characters and even family and friends in November.

I also need to say my many thanks to you all dear followers, especially you mike 🙂

And I must not forget to thank my two wonderful roommates, not only for bearing with my insanity but also for keeping me on track while away.

Of course, I will not forget NaNoWriMo for the courage and inspiration it had given me 🙂


3 thoughts on “December first…Lessons I learned

  1. Valourbörn says:

    Awesome lessons 😀 Grats for not only winning NaNoWriMo (early!) but also taking away new knowledge. That’s the best kind of victory there is!

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