Day 30…NaNo ends today

Yes people, its November the 30th

And yes, if you are behind your word count, you should not be reading this. You should be WRITING!

Oh, sorry, did I say hi? No? Well, here it is, Hello NaNo survivors 🙂

It’s the last day of NaNo and I think its about time I tell you this:


You took a challenge, faced it and committed to that story of yours.

No matter what your word count is now, at least you have the title that you tried it.

You did not shy away for the fear of loosing and tackles the adventure with so much courage, creativity and insanity too 🙂

I wish you all a happy last day,

Tomorrow will be your chance to sleep in,

Right now, try and put some last words on screen, you never know when you’ll need them.

Yours truly, seekingsomepeace.


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