My aventures in Tunisia 2

Hello People, how are you ? Good ? Great 🙂

You might have already heard of my trip to Tunisia.

So far…Well, intresting is the word.

For me its okay, it turned out I have some courage to face going to a strange country and meeting new people who’s accent is very hard to understand at times.

No really, we even had a stupid thing happen because of it.

Anyway, the embassy called telling us to meet the department’s chief at nine.

We called him, and only understood half what he said.

Then next day we went at nine and fifteen. We called apologizing about being late. He ran to meet us.

You know what?? He actually told us on the phone that he had a class at nine, not to meet him at nine.

Stupid right?

He’s a nice guy though, being a professor and all.

It will take some time getting used to the accent.

My roommate thinks he has a strange taste in songs 🙂

I’ll keep it at this for now.

See you guys later.

P.S. Two days till the end of NaNo, Panicking yet? I hope not.

Take care 🙂

PSS. My roommate is sitting right here, she says hi.


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