NaNo Winner!

November 25th,

Today I went to the NaNo site and here it was, all pretty and fulfilling:


I know I have reached my 50k since a while now but, really, seeing the words written on your NaNo profile is so much better.

I am at 72k meaning I need another 8k to reach my total of 80k.

But right now I am enjoying the feeling of having won my first NaNo ever 🙂

So, Congratulation all NaNowers out there who have the lovely badge on their profiles right now.

And those of you who have yet to get it done, keep on writing!!

Happy NaNowing 🙂


10 thoughts on “NaNo Winner!

  1. LizzeeBuff says:


    Congrats! Although, I completed NaNo a while a go, I still yet to complete my novel. I’m doing a grammar and style check at the moment as I had some passive voice stuff in there!

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