Are we all crazy?

No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it’s only a question of degree.

– W. C. Fields

First of all, I think I have already confessed madness a couple of times on this blog, but I personally blame it on being a writer 🙂

However, I seem to hear a lot recently that it may also have something to do with being a woman.

Some women seem to get angry at hearing this, some agree and others just don’t care.

A while ago I sow this TV talk show when a woman asked a social/psychological expert, can’t really recall the show name…I’ll look it up later, about what to say to her husband that keeps telling her she is crazy, the show guest, a man no less, simply laughed and said “Tell him he should be grateful for it”

He went and expanded on his answer : “If women were not crazy, there would be no men or women in this world. Look at this way, what kind of stable sane being allows a حarasite to live off them for nine moىths, feeding on their blood and bones then get borned causing them agonizing pain, and yet they are still willing to die a million times before seeing it harmed. If women were not crazy somehow, none of them would agree, and even enjoy, giving birth. So God probably made all women a little crazy so we can all have crazy loving mothers.”

I could not agree more 😉

I advice all men, and women, to pray their thanks to god for making all women crazy to some degree.

Crazy and proud, Seekingsomepeace.


2 thoughts on “Are we all crazy?

  1. Nina Kaytel says:

    Insanity is needed when dealing with children or haven’t you had a five-year old constantly telling you something, over and over again and then we you pay attention they stare at you blankly.

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