To plan my novel, I used…

Hello guys,

Today I decided to share with you some tools I used while planning my NaNo novel.

I am a person who like to have a messy desk, no, not in a bad way. I just like to have everything I need lying right under my eyes.

So in planning a novel, I wanted a tool that will give me the visual effect of a messy desk…With some order 🙂

So I went online, Google being the kind search engine he is…Google is he right? Never mind.

Where was I? Right, the search. I googled virtual post-it note boards and came upon many options.

Some where free, and some freeware, and some paid. After some trials, I decided on my Favorite. is an online tool, I hope they’ll get an android app made soon because I love it.

It is very simple to use, and they have a starter’s tour set up and all.

Mainly, you create a new board and then use it to stick just about anything with a simple drag and drop or by selecting from the many tools in the left toolbar.


If you dropped something from the web, they keep info about who and where you got it from. You can zoom in and out, and enlarge or shrink the objects. They have different color options and most importantly, you can create limitless boards for FREE.

They have paid services, but I don’t need it. I f you need a tool for project management, you can create a paid account for your entire group and have live chats with them and in different rooms.

In short, it is my favorite as virtual boards go.

There are also similar tools like: GroupZap, Linoit.

You can check out some on this blog The Best Online Virtual “Corkboards” (or “Bulletin Boards”)


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