A new goal, can I get 80k?

Hello, hello.

Today I’d like to take the chance to thank the kind Arphaxad for his support.

Seeing how I was struggling to get my novel finished after hitting 50k, He was so kind to suggest a challenge.

He and I are now on for a small race to the 80k word count.

Can I do it? I have no idea, especially that I am moving out the country in a couple of days. But I will do everything I can to do it.

Mister, I hope the title doesn’t bother you, Arphaxad You are a true Angel.

Thank you for your support and continuous encouragement. I wish you good luck with your novel.

For those who have not checked on his blog, I hope you do, he has a post set out for some fellow NaNowers posting updates on their NaNo.

Thank you all for stopping by and I hope your NaNos are going great.

See you all later 🙂


2 thoughts on “A new goal, can I get 80k?

  1. Arphaxad says:

    I am setting my keyboard on fire with how fast I’m typing…. well, not really, but I thought it sounded funny 🙂

    Mister Arphaxad is fine, but most people call me Mike.

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