Photoshop designs

Hello everyone, how is it going?

Fellow NaNowers out there, how is that word count, good? Great, keep up the good work, it is never too late to have a whole day marathon and get ahead, or catch up this weekend 🙂

Like some of you know, I already hit my 50k, the story is still not complete but I needed a day off so today I’ll be sharing some of my old sig designs.

All stocks and render credit goes to their original owners, sorry it have been too long I don’t remember where I got them…XD

These designs date to the summer of 2009, my second summer with Photoshop. Most are edits of tutorials I found online that I am considering to repost with some tweaks, I’ll try to locate the original sites too.

Design title is “Life“, was actually my own work (not tutorial based) and I have no idea how it turned like this…

Design title is “Sun set“, was based on one of my favorite tutorials at the time.

Design title is “Fairy tale“, it was inspired by a lovely stock of this beautiful fairy, I have other designs using this render maybe I’ll share them later.

Design title is “I’ll get you“, this one I barely remember how I did at all XD, you’re all probably asking if I have amnesia by now but really it have been years ^_^

That would be all for today, please tell me what you think of them, any favorites? Any you absolutely hate?

By the way, they are all free for use but please credit me, well, if you actually thought they were worth it J


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