Day eleven…slowing down

Hello everyone…Day eleven, how is that NaNo novel going?

Well, my NaNo novel is going at a really slow pace since Friday because I had to travel 1000 km to the capital to get some papers done for my PHd program. Making the silly decision to leave my laptop behind, I actually gotten very little written…I just didn’t feel it in me probably due to the fatigue. By the way, the bus is a terrible way to travel, I can’t believe there were no flights openings all week, ugh!! I need to buy a private jet…XD.

Anyway, I have yet to get some writting done today, I just arrived around five in the morning and spent the day in a coma like state…Maybe I was dead for 48hrs??? I’m not really worried with 33k in my word count but I still have some brain issues with the current scene and maybe I should just skip it for now.

I hope everyone else is doing better and getting that word count where they want it to be.

Wish me luck and happy NaNowing 🙂


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