Why do I write?

Hello there fellow bloggers.

In the past few days I’ve come across many inspiring and great posts about writing and writing goals. These made me put a serious question into consideration. A question I have always answered in the exact same way ever since I was twelve. Why Do I write?

I suppose that I do dream of becoming a famous novelist, making it on the NY Times bestsellers’ list even. I also hope that my works of fiction can at least make one person, preferably millions,  out there enjoy it to the fullest unable to put the book down until three in the morning not regretting the lack of sleep as they meet the end of the journey.

The real answer, which although have many other desires incorporated to it now, is that I write for me. Beacsue I love to sit down after a while searching my hard drive and end up spending a couple of hours re-reading some old work of fiction I did and forgot all about it. I write because the joy of enjoying that story you’ve always searched for in many books, the one story you’ve always wanted to read but could never find so you decided to write it yourself.

Now, sitting and reading about fellow NaNoWers dreaming high of publishing their novels and knowing full well that my writing has a long time to go to be worth the time and effort spent in reading it by anyone, I wonder if maybe I am too insecure and overly self-conscious that I still dread the idea of sharing any of my stories with the rest of the world.

Is it just me? Or do a lot of writers feel the same way? That their stories are just not good enough for the world yet, that their writing is not good to go yet?


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