Day seven of NaNo…30K and counting!

Is it just me or are  things  getting even harder?

As the words keep on getting on the screen, more crucial decisions need to be made and you wonder if the cast is on the right road or you’ve made some hasty decisions in letting them loose, and you’ll have to redo the whole thing to get it back on track.

Well, even if you do feel like rewriting some scenes, don’t delete anything!!

I am saying this as I have some attempted murder ideas at some of my  past scenes. I haven’t dared read any of them just yet but my idea of how things happened in them is getting a little on my bad side…Is that making any sense??

I guess what I am trying to say is as always, the ending is my hardest part. Each story I ever wrote (tried to anyway, as I have many unfinished drafts all over the place)  had always kicked off fast and sure footed to some point but since I’m originally not the great planner, I fail to tie the nodes between the beginning and the end because as the end draws near I find myself questioning the authenticity of it.

My NaNo novel is different in some ways, it is a part of a series so the end is more felt for by me, but still even at 30k with at least 20k to get written later on, I am worried.

I have done planning on this novel and I thought I was sure of how it would turn out, but as you write, new threads find their ways to the screen and you just have to deal with it.

I am however enjoying it all, I love surprises and I am pleased my planning had not ruined the freshness of the story as I write it. I am also concerned about another story that fails to make it to its well deserved end. For me it isn’t about the word count itself, it is about how the final scene is going to fold out. And I am  still not sure of that part.

Anyone feeling the same? Did I even say things right?

Thanks for keeping me encouraged by stopping by.

Good luck for fellow NaNowers out there and happy writing…XD


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