Day six…Turning points

Another day anther word count 🙂
I hope everyone is getting an enjoyable time with their writing and life.
At just the verge of 28k, my NaNo Novel is now hitting a mid-story turning point and my MC just came to face a new set of chalenges as both some of her wildest dreams and greatest fears come to life. After a stable..ahhmm, boring…Start of the journey, she is finally on the road and seeing things in the plain light of the commoners’ eyes instead of the secluded life at the palace in the protection of the prince.
I still have some unanswered questions about some cast members but at least I am positive at the changes my MC and her companions are going through and will be headed to by the end of this story.
I am actually getting a good feeling about the whole thing but I am expecting to get a little panicky when the story comes down the curve and it is time to make a bad, bad resolution for the story ahead.
It is supposed to be a part of a series, I just know my cast needs some more space then just this book to have their story told.
I would love to hear about your progress, and Happy NaNowing!

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