Day Five…Plot changing thoughts

Its day five already and I hope you all managed that hard milestone in you writing and for those who didn’t : There is still plenty of time don’t give up yet!

I actually managed to write up till 22K last night in preparation for a trip I’ll be making in the next few  days. I’ll try to keep up with the writing on my tablet but It is always better to get ahead while you can.

I haven’t started writing today just yet but decided to share my latest novel madness: I have some contradicted plot changing ideas.

Anyway, there is this character who had been getting their noses in my writing and annoying the hell out of me by saying and doing things that they weren’t supposed to and now I’m not sure If I want to rewrite some of their scenes (No, I will not delete the ones I did write, I’m not stupid) or I should just let them be. And If I do let them be, I don’t know If they are the same person as another character or if they now must die …I’m evil, what to do, so many characters so little time, or if I just face the fact my novel is becoming something I didn’t quite plan on.

Anyone else having too many out-the-plan characters or ideas? How do you think you should handle it?

I better get writing now, wish me luck and Happy NaNowing!!


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