Day 3…15000 words and counting

Hello everyone, NaNoWers out there: How is it going?

Day three of this crazy November and my fingers are aching.

Today is a hard day, I came to an exciting part of the story and I am kind of pondering to kill someone or not. And the entire scene, which I thought I knew well, no longer makes any sense; I don’t even know what is going to happen anymore 😦

So I decided to take a break and tell you how the writing session was going 🙂

Yes, I finally hit my weekend goal at 15000 words and this is some of my NaNo stats from my profile:

Your Average Per Day :  5,130
Words Written Today:   3,282
Target Word Count :  50,000
Target Average Words Per Day: 1,667
Total Words Written:   15,397
Words Remaining:  34,603 (Really? why do I have the feeling it is going to be harder than it looks?)
At This Rate You Will Finish On:  November 10, 2013 (Yeah right…I hope so 🙂 ).
So how is your stats going for day three? Any unanswered questions? plot-holes or scenes not going as planned?
Have a lovely NaNo and take care 🙂

4 thoughts on “Day 3…15000 words and counting

  1. Kim Smith says:

    I am out of my mind impressed! How in the world did you write so much in only three days! Wow! Please, share your wisdom with the rest of us muggles. 😉

    • seekingsomepeace says:

      I have no idea…I always did write fast, it comes with a price though, I get easily bored and leave the poor story unfinished.
      That’s why I love NaNo so much, I know I have no choice but to continue.

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