What is the meaning of being you

when all that’s left is someone, something

Other than what you know as you


What is the meaning in a life

when all had passed or fallen apart

When the night never shift to morning

And the pale stars never shriek before the sun

Oh lord,

What is the meaning in the death of the innocent

and the survival of the vulturs

when the lambs had fled to disguise

their flesh under the color of a hardened sun

and a liquified fire.

Meaning, you ask

and meaning I seek as well


Feelings and thoughts

and do not leave out the expressions and words,

they all lost meaning to this infernal war

When death shies not from the beauty of a wide field

and hides not from a giggling youth

when fire burns all and

pain overpowers the hope.

Pain…at least there is still pain

But that also numbs out

leaving us all, the bystanders, standing

bloody-handed, wandering, wondering

What is the meaning in it all…This pitiful life.

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